Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Virtus reflection

After the virtus training im able to look at situations differently than before. As far as being aware of my surroundings and looking for things that may be a little suspect. I also learned how to report any incident or alleged incident of child abuse or mollestation to a hotline which will lead to an investigation and also protect your identity. You can also report it directly to the police if you dont mind your identity being exposed. I also learned that there really is no cure for people who mollest children, and to keep our communities safe we need to make the public aware of were these offenders live. Especially if there around our homes and schools. Touching briefly on the PSU scandal you have to know what your report laws are in your state.  In pennsylvania you just have to report it to your supperiors in which Joe paterno did but he did not report it to the athorities which is were morals come into affect. Morally it is on you whether to report or not.

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