Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Virtus reflection

After the virtus training im able to look at situations differently than before. As far as being aware of my surroundings and looking for things that may be a little suspect. I also learned how to report any incident or alleged incident of child abuse or mollestation to a hotline which will lead to an investigation and also protect your identity. You can also report it directly to the police if you dont mind your identity being exposed. I also learned that there really is no cure for people who mollest children, and to keep our communities safe we need to make the public aware of were these offenders live. Especially if there around our homes and schools. Touching briefly on the PSU scandal you have to know what your report laws are in your state.  In pennsylvania you just have to report it to your supperiors in which Joe paterno did but he did not report it to the athorities which is were morals come into affect. Morally it is on you whether to report or not.
Learning through the physical allows students to deal with their world in concrete terms rather than in the abstract (Developmental physical education for all children pg 19). Because students don't typically think that they can learn other subjects through physical activity it is our jobs as teachers to assure them that they can. Ways to do so can be as simple as adding verbal cues to your work out. For example you can have two kids lock wrist and squat at a 90 degree angle and count in multiples of 2,3, or 4 and by doing this your working not only on muscular endurance but math as well.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Lab 2

This past Wednesday  I visited St. Mary's for my second lab. I felt that my experience was even better than the first time. I felt more comfortable interacting with the kids. I wasn't as scarred to engage in games with the students and help point them in the right direction as far as rules of the games. I was primarily with the older group of kids this past lab, we played board games and built what we could with the Lego's which the kids really enjoyed down in the cafeteria. One of the biggest things I learned working the kid is that there not always going to want to play your game at the beginning, and its not they they don't like it , it's just kids being kids rebelling once they see how fun the games are they usually jumped right in. I didn't lead any games but I observed our TA's lead games and it gave me a better visual of how I should go about teaching my games. I believe that the overall experience of our second lab was a success and I'm excited about our next opportunity to meet.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Learning Through The Physical

How physical activity innacts affective growth. Physical activity helps build children's perceptual motor learning, and cognitive learning. Physical activity also helps affective growth by promoting self concept. For example it helps make a child feel like they belong, it also gives them a sense of worthiness, uniqueness and virtue. Furthermore enhancing their perceived competence and acceptance of self. All components of positive self concept. Physical activity also promotes positive socialization, which helps with group affiliation, attitude formation, character education, and moral growth.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

1st Day at St.Mary's

Today was my first day of  Lab at St. Mary's. I believe it went really well we where shown around the school and got to interact a little with the kids k-5 grade.We helped set up snack time as well played with the kids in the gymnasium. It was a gratifying experience and i feel it will only get better as well as more challenging once we get into the actual leading of games. Having said that i cant wait.

First day of Class

Yesterday was our first day of class (PED 201). It went bye really fast plenty of information was given on how to create a GMail account how to start a blog and the importance of social media. Blogging is completely new to me hopefully i will get better at as time goes on. As far as blogging and my future in education i hope it opens doors to meeting fellow educators and hopefully future employers.